Friday, April 27, 2012

Tricks to reviving your memory!

We all know we have it, even if we are old are not. I know I have symptoms of memory loss, oh so more than I want. And I am only 27. Well, Yahoo News, has some pretty good tricks to help us revive it and try to get going a little better. Some examples are Repeat yourself, if you need to help you memorize it.
My first thought of this article was, I think this is pretty cool. Just because I am a mom of three boys and a wife, with going to school full time and working full time. I am always forgetting everything.
These tips are very useful for everyone and should give us a little extra time and not to feel so "old". I hope you enjoy these tips and make use to them, because I know I am.


This story I find is absolutely heart warming. I found this article in Yahoo News, it pertains to parents that live in Texas and has a baby that has a bucket list. I am sure you are thinking bucket list? But you use that when you are old and dying. Well,  the parents Mike and Laura got a call on Good Friday confirming some horrific news, their 5month old baby has a rare and incurable genetic disorder. Avery, the 5month old, has only 18mths to live. The disease she has is called spinal muscular atrophy and she is in stage 1 of the disease which is at its worse. The 5mth old has already lost movement in her legs and is already losing movement in her arms. The parents was in disbelief and went through the crying and denial stage, but realized that this was only gonna get worse, so they needed to make the best of it. So Mike and Laura decided to make a Bucket List for Avery. This consumes of going to a college visit, having her first kiss, having a birthday party and so on. The two have started a blog for everyone to be able to share their journey.
My first thought of this was so sad, but then realized why be sad, I am so happy for these parents that they are making the best of this little girl and trying to make it something good.
I am so happy that Avery has parents that are trying to make a difference. The parents best wish for Avery on her bucket list, is for her to overcome her illness. Even though they know this is doubtful, they want to make a difference and try to make money to research the disease and help someone's else child. If you visit the website above you can go to their blog and follow their amazing story! I did and I cried but a happy cry, I hope so much for their family!

Is Nutell Healthy?

Have you ever had Nutella? The oh so healthy breakfast food, claimed by its commercials. Well, in Yahoo news, I read a very interesting article. A woman feeding her 4 year old daughter Nutella for a couple a years has found that now the "oh so" healthy snack is NOT healthy as the lead on and the spread is about is as healthy as a snicker bar the woman claims. The mother sued Nutella for a whopping 3.5 million and the 2.5 millions goes to us! If you bought a jar of Nutella in between the Jan 1,2008 to Feb 3, 2012 you have a chance of getting your money back up to 4 jars with no receipt.
My first reaction to this was, "wow", I really had not heard of the Nutella spread until almost about a year ago, and it did not look very good, but heard from a lot of friends and their kids that they loved it. And for sure thought it was healthy.
I feel so bad for Nutella in a way, but not for misleading other people to buy their children and themselves this as a "dietary food" and thinking you are feeding healthy snacks to whomever. But in other ways does not every commercial "lead" you on? It is your responsibility to check the label and make sure its right? So I guess what I am saying, lets read in between the lines, and if for some reason you think its healthy and they lie on the label...well then I suppose you should sue someone! But otherwise go get your free money!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

WOW! What a week! I am so exhausted from everything. From working full time at Freeman, to going to school full-time and being a mom of three boys and a wife to a husband. But I am excitedly ready to say I have the weekend off. This weekend I am going to talk about  how I am going to to return to my hometown for a couple of days with my boys. I am currently living in Carl Junction but my hometown is in Chanute, Ks. My parents are expecting us sometime in the afternoon, after the boys get done with soccer. We have big plans to go to the CARNIVAL! I loved the carnival as a kid, it was so exciting to do the rides and so forth, what was your favorite ride as a kid? Mine was the Zipper and the swing one where you got really high. I hope you all have a awesome weekend and don't work to hard.

Friday, April 13, 2012


Today I was reading an article about the BIG and threatening storms that are gonna cross the midwest this weekend on YAHOO NEWS! The storms are going contain violent tornadoes to rip through late Saturday afternoon. This is only the second time ever in history that a warning like this has been issued.

My first thought of this was thank you for putting it out there so people are aware and cant blame it on not enough information or time. That is never fair to anyone!

What makes this so real? Well, if you lived in Joplin on May 22, 2011, you would exactly know what they were talking about.Having a plan makes it so much easier for you and saves lives. Please think wisely and locate your safe spots in your home and make sure you have supplies, batteries, water and food to stay alive. This is very important!


I am not sure if many of you remember this a few years ago, a young Russian boy was adopted by a United States citizen and was brought here to the states. The adopted mother rejected him and put him back on a plane to Russia after saying she did not want him any more and his "psychosocial" issues. Well today Yahoo News researched what happened now, the Russian boy is back in Russia after receiving many clinical testing and so forth. And nothing was found in this young boy to be wrong. Part of his ex-adopted mother, she will be paying child support for the child.

My first thought on this was VERY sad. I can not even fathom of doing this to any child what so ever. People do not have the heart and obviously does not to be around children.

Why I think that this is not right? How about every reason you can think of. What do you think that child thinks of every time is interviewed or brought to attention about being rejected by his "adopted" parents. That is a traumatic event that will not ever leave him. Even if the child had psychosocial issues, you would think as a parent, that would be a responsibility and a gift that you could try healing him from helping him from. Just disgusting and I hope she gets every penny taken away from her for child support.

In the end, the ones of you that have children. Could you ever fathom your own child being adopted by someone and then rejected because of some mental behaviors? I think someone should do that to her. Reject her just because of some disorder or the way she looks.

8 months pregnant and competing in the OLYMPICS!

Today my article is come from Yahoo News! I found this article quite interesting. Because the 2012 London Olympics are coming up and this young lady is a shooter (target) and will be 8months along pregnant. Yes, her doctor did confirm that would be medically fine. Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi but she also said that if for some reason she feels as thought it was unsafe for her and her baby she would not go through with the shooting.

My first thought of this was, "OH MY". When you read the topic it pops out to you as someone is a athlete of some sort when you see olympics.

The reason I felt like this is because I assumed that being 8 months pregnant and being in the olympics would have some kind of harm to the baby, which is VERY scary!!! I dont think I would ever be able to compete even 6mths pregnant!

The ending of this is very sweet though. "I will talk to the baby before I compete... 'no kicking, stay calm for one hour and 15 minutes only please,'" commented by the shooter. She seems very confident in herself. GOOD LUCK Nur Suryani! Go for the gold!