Friday, March 30, 2012

Would you like some lime with that milk?

This article was very, lets just say gagging to me! I found this in the YAHOO! news. In Philadelphia they had a truck that was holding more than 3,000 gallons of milk and was over turned. The people of  PA was very concerned about the milk getting into the creek and then seeping into the soil. Scientist had made them aware that sprinkling lime onto the soil where the milk had spilled would chew up the milks fat lipids and neutralize the odor.

My  first reaction when I seen the topic was "Oh, how disgusting!", but as I kept reading I found it very interesting that they could use lime to neutralize the odor.

Why I reacted this way? Well first of all, If you don't know me, well lets just say I am not a big fan of milk, but adding lime to it made it sound even more disgusting. And then as I kept reading, find out that their was infact no drinking to this I was relieved and fascinated at how they could prevent the odor and spoiling into the water and soil.

My conclusion is to this is, just because the topic sounds horrific, and does not sound appealing, do not assume its bad! Just like the old saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover".  As well to my ending, I am wondering where they are gonna find that much lime peelings? Hmm...???

Would you go to the center of the earth?

The article I am reading now comes from YAHOO! news, and its a very different article, because of its effort. Richard Branson, record producer of "VIRGIN RECORDS" is now trying to plan a way to the core of the earth. Some may think that this is a joke because its wanting to be published on "April 1st".  He as well has made journeys through sailing and ballooning records. Branson also claims he will take one of the Black Eyed Pea's members in a "special" capsule down in to the lava for a time change.

This article hit me as being kind of cool at first because no one has ever tried this experiment. But as the article went on, I as well thought it sounded like hoax.

Why did this article make me think it was a hoax? Well a few reasons, they mention that it wont be published on until April 1st, which we all know as the famous joke day of all year. And then the time capsule part. We all know that this is not something that can really happen, even though we probably wish we could go back in "time". These main reasons is why I think this article is not true.

Maybe one of you might think this is true but I will leave that up to Richard Branson to change our minds. I love the quote he left at the very end, "As you can see from the photos, I went back to 1972. How far backwards would you like to time travel? Where would you like to go?" So as a conclusion, I would like you to think about this and comment and let me know what your thoughts are to this! Mine would be back in high school, and make better grades! I think? That is a hard decision. Good luck on yours!


My blog came from YAHOO!, which is a very interesting topic tonight! MEGA MILLIONS!! This article explains why you do not want to win the mega bucks. The five main reasons they explain are 1. Your friends will take advantage of you. 2. Your relationship could fail 3. You'll have increased risk of bankruptcy 4.You'll have to fight off a host of long listed families, and last but not least 5. You'll be the target of lawsuits.

The first reaction I had on this article was very sudden. Why would you read this? Its just a "debbie downer", but realistically, all of them are true. So they did change my aspect of things but I did not want to believe them.

So you are probably wondering did you buy a ticket? Well of course I did, with the millions of other people. My reaction follows because I bought a ticket and my hopes were up to win, because of this I felt like this was a negative article for someone reading it and thinking they were gonna win the BIG bucks. But if I had not won, I probably would have been very pro towards this because actually it all makes since. Every single topic. My favorite one would be the family one. Just because you would probably hear from "family" all over the country wanting to "reconnect with you. Although, all of the topics did have a great point.

My conclusion to this is did I really need to spend fifteen dollars today at the convenient store? Nope, will I do it again? Probably. I heard someone say on facebook today that you are 6.81 more times likely to be attacked by a Honey Badger in the US than winning the jackpot. Keep in mind there are only 10 honey badgers in the US. I do not know how true this is but I thought it would be a great ending to my oh so not winning ticket.

Friday, March 9, 2012


So when I say gun silencer, what do you think of? Do you think of that metal thing that goes around the end of a hand held gun when shooting it to make sure it does not make noise? Well me too, thats what I thought. But this is amazing that I found on Yahoo News! Japanese researches came out with this gun, that is used for sound. Cool huh? YES! If you go to the website I provided it will show you a picture, but it is used to trick the brain into not making the noises. These are trying to be enforced at libraries or classrooms. To keep more noise out and quiet in!
My first reaction to this was wow! How neat! and how disturbing at the same time!
Why do I think this? Simple, we are now at that point that we are using "guns" to silence out our children in a room of so many kids but at another thinks of me, really is this right? So sad that the society can not teach how to be quiet but to press a button instead. :(
I hope we use this "gun" in the right kind of environment. Not every time that it sounds good or you think it can be easier to push that "easy" button. What will they come up with next?
On Yahoo News! a very interesting article popped up about a irate flight attendant. The rant suppossably started out with both of the flight attendants bickering and then the flight attendant got on the over head system and started making very horrific statments, like the "plane was gonna crash", screaming bloody murder of all sorts. She was taken off the plane by local security of the Chicago Airport. The lady was known to have some mental issues as well.
My first thought was being upset and mad. This is a horrific place and time for you to be acting like this, but to be on intercom threatening peoples lives is just wrong.
I just felt like the 911 attack should of put a red flag to this lady, but no she insisted of acting like a moron and scare the heebie jeebies out of the passengers. It's so sad that the passengers had to deal with this. I would be so scared, because now days you can never trust anyone on a plane or anywhere at that matter, worried about someone making the wrong move.

Mysterious Flash in Phoenix

The mysterious flash video at Yahoo News! was taken at 4:43am. And no one has any reason why. The flash went off that early morning but no ethical reason was chosen. They called airforce base was contacted and had not contacted the news back yet for any statements. The news as well called the electric people of the city and they said no reports were made of missing electricity or flashing lights.
My first thought! UFO!!!! These strange lights like this always makes you think. Even if it was the airforce base, what were they making that flashing light for? Hidden secrets for "the other side". Or testing out new equipment!
I thought it was really cool. I love seeing all new kinds of information about aliens and so forth. That is very interesting to know if someone is living on the "other side". But scary as well because if it was an aliens space shuttle or whatever I hope they are not taking over! Super freaky!!!
I hope you enjoyed this news story. Its always nice to have something a little different to think about. And as well for the city of Phoenix, I hope you find out what it is, and is able to share the information with us! MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!!!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


This article I found in Yahoo! was very eye opening. In Washington DC a charter teacher at Trinidad Center City School was fired for sending assignments home that were racist and crude to eight year old children. The teacher thought it was a fun way for the kids get into math. His direct quote was "I am tired of hearing children say that they don't like math because its boring, this was going to get them to do math." Some of the assignments were "I took a nap in a bog one day and woke up screaming. 3796 leeches, 2910 fleas and 1044 vampire bats were stuck to my bald head drinking my blood in ecstasy. How many bloodthirsty bloodsuckers were dining on my head?" These problems were actually sent home to parents for their kids to homework.
My first reaction to this was OH MY GOSH. I would directly be up to the school the first one of these I saw. This is ridiculous any child at any age should not be aware of work this way.
The way I felt like this is simple. You send your children to learn in a health living way. Not to learn any racist form kinds of things, or even death at that. At eight years old? This should not be anything they should be thinking about. Yes I am glad he got fired. He deserved every bit of what he got and I hope any other teacher that is acting this way see's from his actions what happens. Children should learn in a positive environment, they already are in a bullying environment.
My conclusion to this is that I hope that teacher feels horrible after what he did giving those eight year old children disgusting homework. I now see why some people home school their children. First, its kids getting bullied or pushed doing into drugs and so forth and now the teachers are showing them bad things? Whats next? Lets fix this problem parents and keep these kids and a environment they should be in!


Do you drink a lot of diet soda? Well in this article I found at Yahoo news, is suggesting you shouldn't drink so much any more. Is it addicting? Sources say yes because of the caffeine it. But whats worse that it could as well cause heart attack, stroke, preterm labor, kidney trouble and weight gain if excessively drank.
My thought to this is very hard to see because of my addiction of pop myself.
Why I think this is very simple, I am a horrible pop drinker. It is super hard for me to drink anything else because I love the caffeine. I am such a busy mom that it makes me feel like I keep going with drinking it. I wish it was easier said than done. I always try to do diets and keep going back to my pop. I think that's why people are so addicted to it as well. The caffeine does give you a lot of ump to people. But I wonder if it really works as good as they say!?
My conclusion is that I don't think this story will do any good to anyone until they know someone or something happens to themselves from the diet soda or pop to have any of these issues, which is very sad but true. I hope some people get some insight to this article just because its horrible addiction and I dont want to see anyone hurt or dead because of just pop!


This article comes close to home that I found at Yahoo. This week the weather has been crazy, and its only February, I don't know if you guys remember, but last February we had 20 inches of snow. Not thunderstorms and tornadoes! CRAZY! In Pekin Indiana, was a massive tornado, which in one town devistated the whole town NOTHING left. We know how that feels right? But a two year old toddler was found in a lonesome field after the tornado (about 10miles from where she lived) and was rushed to Kentucky hospital and was found in critical condition, if that is not bad news this is, as well they suspecting that all of her family did not make it in the tornado.
My response to this was absolutely heartbreaking. I could never imagine a sweet innocent child being so lonesome and no where to go.
The reason I feel this way because recently having a town that you live in be hit by a F-5 tornado and more than half the town destroyed. And as well having young children, just hits right at home. I could never think if one of my kids was left alone in a field with not me or my husband there to help soothe him or make sure he was ok. Especially in a hospital, town and etc.
My conclusion is that I hope all of the tornadoes in the Midwest make a well recovery. I as well hope the baby finds some kind of family and pulls through with her condition. Just a heartbreaking situation.