Friday, May 4, 2012

My Blog Reflection

Blog Reflection

            A semester flies by when you actually enjoy a class. I am currently taking an online English class. The instructor for this class is Mrs. Holly Chism. This class consisted of entries of blogs that we personally got to design and chose a topic for each entry. In this paper I am going to explain the pro’s and con’s of the blog assignments we did in class and my overall thoughts of what I learned from the blogs.

            The first initial assignment we were introduced to was the blog entries. This experience to me at first was a little intimidating, but exciting. I had never had the chance to create a blog, let alone write about a specific event or news articles. I was first scared because I am not a very good writer, but honestly I felt like it was fun to learn about news topics that were interesting to me, and also made it much easier and enjoyable for me to write. My opinion when you write about something you enjoy the writing comes a lot more painless to me.

            In the process of writing a blog I have learned that self discipline is a number one when having an online class, especially when you have a timeline to write the blogs. But also learning that I learned so much more about what was going on with the news, I felt smarter because I was more knowledgeable and confident of what was going on with the world and my surroundings.


Another experience I gained from the blog was how my writing style was done. When you are always told how to write things I feel like you never learn how to write yourself, but how someone else wants you to write and you do not gain from it.

            The blog was a great experience to keep up with, but traditionally wanted to write about myself and my family for my family that lives across the country. But keeping up the blog if I was just writing about the news articles seems like a time consuming part in my life. I am a mother of three boys, full time school and full time job; I don’t see why I would. But if I had started out writing about my family and they enjoyed it, I could see myself still writing, and maybe when I am done with school and have time for myself to do things, blogging might become a hobby for me in the future.

            Overall, I feel like the blogging experience was a great learning experience, but scary at first. But in the end I found out how my writing style was formed into how I like to write. If I would have changed one thing about the blogging assignment it would be too write more about myself and family, so I feel more like I was being productive with information to someone else. I absolutely loved this class and I am glad that I got to take it and discover a unique way to learn but being productive at the same time.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wedding Bells and Kids!

Today, I am writing a personal blog. My husband and I's very good friend is getting married on Saturday, and we are both super happy for them. We are back in Kansas, this is our home town, it is so beautful! Just one thing we are really nervous about, our three boys are to be in the wedding! Yes we are happy they are gonna be in the wedding, but nervous how they will act. Wait, I will take that back, we know our eight and seven year old will do great, but we have a four year old boy, woo, yep thats a different story. I am thinking right now, will he even walk down the isle, will he do something funny as soon as he gets down the isle? Needless to say, kids make the wedding right? Well, I sure hope so with him. Thank the lord he has blue eyes and blonde, curly hair. So my question is has anyone else had an onrey kid in their wedding or a child of theirs? How did they do? Was it as nerve wracking as I am? Let me know your thoughts!!! And yes I will post pictures as well for everyone!! Thanks and have a great weekend!!!

13year old boy points out mistake in museum art!

A New York City Museum, The Met, it is a museum of artistical and museum of history. A 13year old boy, Coady was at the museum and is a avid history buff noticed that a certain map, Byzantine Empire, which Coady had been studying at school. He was reviewing the map and noticed that where Spain and Africa were supposed to be some dates were missing. He went to the frond desk and tried to explain to someone but Coady's response was, "The front desk didn't believe me," he told the paper. "I'm only a kid." However, Coady did recieve a email from the museum, vice president of external affairs saying that his request had been forwarded on to the museums mideval department for further evaluation. A couple months had passed and he got another email saying that he was exactly right. They even invited him personally to tell him that they are working on getting it updated.

What did I learn from this article from Yahoo News? Never, ever underestimate a childs thoughts. They might kick you in the rear later. Mr. Coady was very correct and I am sure it made him feel good about being able to pick out something that was in the Museum that none of us could probably ever notice. I always smile back and think as well, we are teaching our children the right things. So when a 13 year old or however old tells you that something is wrong, listen to the kid, you never know he's probably right!


Have you been to Dollywood? Well its about summer time and what does that mean? Themeparks, rollercoaster and fun! MSN news gives a great article on how to get that adrenaline rush. This new main attraction is in Pigeon Forge Tennessee and is the first ever winged roller coaster. This ride has the seats on the outside of the track where you have nothing underneath your feet or head, swaying you like you are just flying in air. This roller coaster goes at speeds of being on a freeway, 200 feet high and zero-gravity roll. The roller coaster is built to look like the great Tennessee's national bird.

I WANT TO GO! Was exactly my first thought, I am absolutely an adrenaline junky and love trying new exciting things. It would just be blast to feel the air through your hair and having nothing underneath your feet or head just the wind! Yes scary, but fun! My favorite rollercoaster ride is Mamba at Worlds of Fun. I hope one of these days I get the chance to go to Dollyworld! Has anyone been there or what is your favorite ride?

Goodwill into History!

Usually the things you buy at a goodwill are really not famous for anything but for yourself? Ones trash becomes someone elses treasure right? Well this article I found in Yahoo News! comes close to home for all of us. A good will that started in Oklahoma and made its way to New York in the good will internal storage was a piece of clay art that was dated all the way back to somewhere 2,000 years ago. The piece was being bid on for about 4.99 and inside the piece of art was a note that said "Found in a burial mound near Spiro Oklahoma in 1970." The Goodwill is returning it to Oklahoma in the Caddo Indian Nation.

My first thought of this article was how neat that it traveled all the way from Oklahoma to New York and to be found out that it is a piece of old art history. I am sure glad someone found that it was history as well because someone else could of got their hands on it and made some money off of it. But now its going back to Oklahoma where it belongs! Has anyone else found a piece of art or something cool that was history or had a meaning?

Cell phone Privacy Invasion at Best Buy

How many of you take your phones to a cell phone shop or Best Buy to get it fixed? I bet you will second guess this next time you need a fix on your phone. this article I found on Yahoo News explains why. A heterosexual man took his phone to Best Buy to get it fixed and accidentally left up the Facebook app on. And as soon as he recieved his new phone in replacement he brought up the Facebook page and his status read "I am gay, I am coming out". The man gave a complaint to the store and they came back with he was fired, he as well is looking into legal action with his lawyer.
I read this and was so upset for this man, I think something more legal should have happened to the man that was "just" fired.  Like the man brought up in the article this is so not right on many levels,  his words were ,"I feel I have been humiliated. My reputation has been tarnished," he said."Just having to explain it to certain people that I haven't been in contact for a while," he said. "I feel I shouldn't have to do that." So next time when you take your phone to the store I would make sure everything is deleted off there, and that is sad to say our privacy has to be eliminated that way.

2 year old enters the MENSA

In Yahoo News! the article I came across was of a 2 year old that had a IQ of a 154, she is from Canada.  The young boy is the youngest to be adopted into the program  The 2 year old can recite the alphabet forward and backward, count to 1000 and as well recite the planets in order. He is the second 2 year old to be admitted into the Mensa ever. The little boy speaks in 3 languages (English, Spanish and Romanian). At an early age of 4mths he was able to look at cards when someone would show him a few and they would say the letter C he would point at it because he could say what he wanted at the young age.

My first thought of this article was how cool is this, to have a little boy of 2 years old be entered into the Mensa, its amazing to see little ones with such a high knowledge of things, if everyone would be so involved in there kids lives I think we would have alot more children with higher IQ's. So lets all work harder with our children and see if any of them are entered into the Mensa!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

DEA "accidently" leaves boy in cell for 4 days

In this article I found in Yahoo News! was about a student in California who was at a house smoking marijuana was hit by the DEA for a drug raid. The young man was not charged for any of the things he had done and was even told by the DEA that he would be just taken home, but was taken to a tiny holding cell and was left there for four days, with no food,water or bathroom utilites. The boy claims to had hearing other officers in rooms talking and so forth, but screamed and screamed for help and no response. He ended up drinking his own urine and tried killing him self with the glass in the lenses of his own glasses, sure that he was going to die. A DEA agent had finally found him and called a ambulance where he was taken to a hospital and put in ICU for kidney failure. The head of DEA had spoken and was give a apology for Yahoo news to publish, it contained, I extend my deepest apologies the young man and want to express that this event is not indicative of the high standards that I hold my employees to. I have personally ordered an extensive review of our policies and procedures." The young man plans on suing the DEA.

My first thought this is horrendous, at every single level, no person that was found doing drugs should be treated like that, race, sex or gender. I hope someone takes a serious look at this. Even when you could hear people outside of the room, you know they could hear you as well. I hope this is a eye awakening and people get fired because I feel horrible for this young man. And he deserves more than apology I would say from this police division. I cant even imagine a judge saying that this would be ok for a "accident" no way. What do you think was it an accident or was it on purpose?

5 things we should not say to our children!

Most of you have children on here from what I can see! I know some of you don't either but this is a great article for anyone that has kids to ones that babysit or has nieces, nephews etc. Its five things parents shouldn't say to there kids! The article explains some of the basic things we say to our children to get them to do things when they don't, such as "act your age", "say your sorry", "I don't care", "don't you get it" and my favorite "I am leaving without you", and then gives you advice why not to say it but also tips to you what to say to them to do things we want without saying those phrases! I hope you like this article that I found on Yahoo News! and it is helpful to you as much as it was to me!

My first thought was this hits right at home! My kids are super onrey and well they are boys and sometimes don't like to listen especially my four year old. I tend to use the "I am leaving with out you phrase", and it hurt me to read this because some of the article read that sometimes kids take this heart because they really don't want you to leave them and then will just get used to the fact that you say that and becomes meaningless to them. So my goal is try to void from saying "I am leaving without you". And it will be hard but definite transition that needs to be made!


So how many of you have those nasty aunts that come back or those little fruit fly's that always seem to be bothering you while your in the kitchen? Well we all know we have them,and I am sure you have looked every where to certain products you buy at a store that is very expensive to things your grandparents said works, but I was looking through Pinterest and found this great article on how to make your own recipe to get rid of these bad boys and had a lot of post that says they work!

Fruit Fly Trap

1 quart jar
1 piece of paper, rolled up into a funnel
apple cider vinegar
small slice of banana
Fill a quart jar with a 1/2 inch of apple cider vinegar and a small piece of banana. Roll up your paper into a funnel shape (larger at the top) and tape it in place. Place the funnel into your jar and make sure all the edges are secured shut with tape. You may have to adjust the size of your funnel to make sure it fits nicely into your jar. Place the jar where the fruit flies are flying around and let it go to work. You will be amazed at how well this trap works. The fruit flies will smell the fruit and climb inside, but for some odd reason they don’t fly back up the funnel to get out. When you have caught a good supply, place the entire jar in the freezer. After a short time that flies with die and you can remove the jar from the freezer and use it again without even removing the old contents. Use repeatedly until your fruit flies are eliminated.
As you can see in my picture, this easy trap is amazingly effective!

Ant Trap

We are often plagued with ants in the summer time as well around here. We have various sorts of carpenter and sugar ants. This little concoction does the trick! Last year we had huge carpenter ants all around our kitchen. Many were coming out of our electrical saukets in our kitchen. We were blown away by how quickly they were eradicated with this recipe.
1 tsp. borax (borax is an natural laundry boosting powder available in the laundry section of the store, normally on the top shelf)
2 cups hot water
6 Tbsp sugar
folded paper towel
small shallow cup (like a creme burlee dish)
Disolve borax in hot water. Stir in sugar. Dip the folded paper towel, using tongs, in the solution till completely saturated with solution. Cram the paper towel in the dish. Place in location where you have seen the ants. This solution will be eaten by the ants and taken back to the nest to share with the other ants and thus eradicate the entire nest. Keep away from children by placing on a countertop or cupboard, if possible.

My first thought of this article was YAY! I can finally get rid of my ants!! I have three boys that are always into some kind of snack and leaving trails of crumbs all over the place! I even remember one time they left a honey bun under the bed and the aunts were covered in it and I had nightmares for a week about the ants attacking my kids! Crazy YES, but I did. So I am very excited to post this and try it and hope it works for everyone else! Enjoy and good luck.

Elephant plays harmonica!

Shanthi a elephant that has a unique gift, he plays the harmonica with her trunk. Well if you want to see this little fella you will have to go to the Smithsonian National Zoo. The zoo sent out a video of the 36 year old elephant playing the harmonica that is attached to her stall, she also likes to even play when there is no one around. Her trainer says she is musically inclined, she likes doing other different things to make music as well, like rubbing her legs together, flapping her ears, hitting the wall to just repeat sounds she hears.
The first thought I had with this article Yahoo News showed was amazing, it always is very heartful that you see a animal doing something they love especially being in a zoo. The kids even enjoy seeing this too, always puts a smile on someones face no matter what!


Yahoo News! had a article that hit me right in the face, a 44 year old mother who likes to tan, takes her daughter to tan, but this time in the tanning bed with her this time. The young girl went to school and told her friends that she got to tan with her mommy. The little girl went to the nurse and and the nurse noticed that she had burns on her body that represent from a tanning bed. The mother denies putting her in the tanning bed, and that she got the burns from swimming outside with her mother. The mother was charged with felony endangerment with a child and then was released on a 25,000 dollar bond. The father stepped in and made a comment,"It was just a misinterpreted from the teacher, it was 85 degrees outside, she got sunburned. Thats it. Thats all that happened."
My first reaction to this was wow, really a woman put her 5 year old daughter in a tanning bed? That is so wrong in every level. If you watch the video, it looks as if the mother is a little obsessed with her tanning herself, so I could definately see her putting the child in the tanning bed with  her, but I could as well see her playing outside and getting burnt, but to me you can really tell a difference in between the tans, and she deserved what she got, I guess next time for everyone's sake don't take your kids in the tanning booth with you! They are still exposed to those nasty UV's!


My article today was found in Yahoo News!, it was about a woman Sharon Jones put her lottery ticket underneath the digital scanner to see if she won, the scanner then replied back "not a winner", so what does she do? She throws it away and walks out. Well, that's not the end of it, another woman comes by Sharon Duncan and picks up a handful of tickets and has them re-rung, and what happens? SHE WINS A MILLION DOLLARS! But, there is a bad deal to do this, the lady that threw it away wants her million dollars back, and a judge has clarified she gets it back. Sharon Duncan is very upset, she has bought gifts for her children and a new truck for herself.
My first reaction to this article was very sad. I just think its ridiculous for the other lady that got it out of the trash. She is the one that picked up and had it rescanned, it was the first ladies fault she threw it away. And my second thought is she picked up a few other tickets outta the trash, how do they know that it belongs to Sharon Duncan is my question? I think this is a horrible on every level, someone needs to make a law or something, because that's just like someone dropping a ticket thinking they didn't win and someone comes along and picks it up and wins off of it. How does that work?

Friday, April 27, 2012

Tricks to reviving your memory!

We all know we have it, even if we are old are not. I know I have symptoms of memory loss, oh so more than I want. And I am only 27. Well, Yahoo News, has some pretty good tricks to help us revive it and try to get going a little better. Some examples are Repeat yourself, if you need to help you memorize it.
My first thought of this article was, I think this is pretty cool. Just because I am a mom of three boys and a wife, with going to school full time and working full time. I am always forgetting everything.
These tips are very useful for everyone and should give us a little extra time and not to feel so "old". I hope you enjoy these tips and make use to them, because I know I am.


This story I find is absolutely heart warming. I found this article in Yahoo News, it pertains to parents that live in Texas and has a baby that has a bucket list. I am sure you are thinking bucket list? But you use that when you are old and dying. Well,  the parents Mike and Laura got a call on Good Friday confirming some horrific news, their 5month old baby has a rare and incurable genetic disorder. Avery, the 5month old, has only 18mths to live. The disease she has is called spinal muscular atrophy and she is in stage 1 of the disease which is at its worse. The 5mth old has already lost movement in her legs and is already losing movement in her arms. The parents was in disbelief and went through the crying and denial stage, but realized that this was only gonna get worse, so they needed to make the best of it. So Mike and Laura decided to make a Bucket List for Avery. This consumes of going to a college visit, having her first kiss, having a birthday party and so on. The two have started a blog for everyone to be able to share their journey.
My first thought of this was so sad, but then realized why be sad, I am so happy for these parents that they are making the best of this little girl and trying to make it something good.
I am so happy that Avery has parents that are trying to make a difference. The parents best wish for Avery on her bucket list, is for her to overcome her illness. Even though they know this is doubtful, they want to make a difference and try to make money to research the disease and help someone's else child. If you visit the website above you can go to their blog and follow their amazing story! I did and I cried but a happy cry, I hope so much for their family!

Is Nutell Healthy?

Have you ever had Nutella? The oh so healthy breakfast food, claimed by its commercials. Well, in Yahoo news, I read a very interesting article. A woman feeding her 4 year old daughter Nutella for a couple a years has found that now the "oh so" healthy snack is NOT healthy as the lead on and the spread is about is as healthy as a snicker bar the woman claims. The mother sued Nutella for a whopping 3.5 million and the 2.5 millions goes to us! If you bought a jar of Nutella in between the Jan 1,2008 to Feb 3, 2012 you have a chance of getting your money back up to 4 jars with no receipt.
My first reaction to this was, "wow", I really had not heard of the Nutella spread until almost about a year ago, and it did not look very good, but heard from a lot of friends and their kids that they loved it. And for sure thought it was healthy.
I feel so bad for Nutella in a way, but not for misleading other people to buy their children and themselves this as a "dietary food" and thinking you are feeding healthy snacks to whomever. But in other ways does not every commercial "lead" you on? It is your responsibility to check the label and make sure its right? So I guess what I am saying, lets read in between the lines, and if for some reason you think its healthy and they lie on the label...well then I suppose you should sue someone! But otherwise go get your free money!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

WOW! What a week! I am so exhausted from everything. From working full time at Freeman, to going to school full-time and being a mom of three boys and a wife to a husband. But I am excitedly ready to say I have the weekend off. This weekend I am going to talk about  how I am going to to return to my hometown for a couple of days with my boys. I am currently living in Carl Junction but my hometown is in Chanute, Ks. My parents are expecting us sometime in the afternoon, after the boys get done with soccer. We have big plans to go to the CARNIVAL! I loved the carnival as a kid, it was so exciting to do the rides and so forth, what was your favorite ride as a kid? Mine was the Zipper and the swing one where you got really high. I hope you all have a awesome weekend and don't work to hard.

Friday, April 13, 2012


Today I was reading an article about the BIG and threatening storms that are gonna cross the midwest this weekend on YAHOO NEWS! The storms are going contain violent tornadoes to rip through late Saturday afternoon. This is only the second time ever in history that a warning like this has been issued.

My first thought of this was thank you for putting it out there so people are aware and cant blame it on not enough information or time. That is never fair to anyone!

What makes this so real? Well, if you lived in Joplin on May 22, 2011, you would exactly know what they were talking about.Having a plan makes it so much easier for you and saves lives. Please think wisely and locate your safe spots in your home and make sure you have supplies, batteries, water and food to stay alive. This is very important!


I am not sure if many of you remember this a few years ago, a young Russian boy was adopted by a United States citizen and was brought here to the states. The adopted mother rejected him and put him back on a plane to Russia after saying she did not want him any more and his "psychosocial" issues. Well today Yahoo News researched what happened now, the Russian boy is back in Russia after receiving many clinical testing and so forth. And nothing was found in this young boy to be wrong. Part of his ex-adopted mother, she will be paying child support for the child.

My first thought on this was VERY sad. I can not even fathom of doing this to any child what so ever. People do not have the heart and obviously does not to be around children.

Why I think that this is not right? How about every reason you can think of. What do you think that child thinks of every time is interviewed or brought to attention about being rejected by his "adopted" parents. That is a traumatic event that will not ever leave him. Even if the child had psychosocial issues, you would think as a parent, that would be a responsibility and a gift that you could try healing him from helping him from. Just disgusting and I hope she gets every penny taken away from her for child support.

In the end, the ones of you that have children. Could you ever fathom your own child being adopted by someone and then rejected because of some mental behaviors? I think someone should do that to her. Reject her just because of some disorder or the way she looks.

8 months pregnant and competing in the OLYMPICS!

Today my article is come from Yahoo News! I found this article quite interesting. Because the 2012 London Olympics are coming up and this young lady is a shooter (target) and will be 8months along pregnant. Yes, her doctor did confirm that would be medically fine. Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi but she also said that if for some reason she feels as thought it was unsafe for her and her baby she would not go through with the shooting.

My first thought of this was, "OH MY". When you read the topic it pops out to you as someone is a athlete of some sort when you see olympics.

The reason I felt like this is because I assumed that being 8 months pregnant and being in the olympics would have some kind of harm to the baby, which is VERY scary!!! I dont think I would ever be able to compete even 6mths pregnant!

The ending of this is very sweet though. "I will talk to the baby before I compete... 'no kicking, stay calm for one hour and 15 minutes only please,'" commented by the shooter. She seems very confident in herself. GOOD LUCK Nur Suryani! Go for the gold!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Would you like some lime with that milk?

This article was very, lets just say gagging to me! I found this in the YAHOO! news. In Philadelphia they had a truck that was holding more than 3,000 gallons of milk and was over turned. The people of  PA was very concerned about the milk getting into the creek and then seeping into the soil. Scientist had made them aware that sprinkling lime onto the soil where the milk had spilled would chew up the milks fat lipids and neutralize the odor.

My  first reaction when I seen the topic was "Oh, how disgusting!", but as I kept reading I found it very interesting that they could use lime to neutralize the odor.

Why I reacted this way? Well first of all, If you don't know me, well lets just say I am not a big fan of milk, but adding lime to it made it sound even more disgusting. And then as I kept reading, find out that their was infact no drinking to this I was relieved and fascinated at how they could prevent the odor and spoiling into the water and soil.

My conclusion is to this is, just because the topic sounds horrific, and does not sound appealing, do not assume its bad! Just like the old saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover".  As well to my ending, I am wondering where they are gonna find that much lime peelings? Hmm...???

Would you go to the center of the earth?

The article I am reading now comes from YAHOO! news, and its a very different article, because of its effort. Richard Branson, record producer of "VIRGIN RECORDS" is now trying to plan a way to the core of the earth. Some may think that this is a joke because its wanting to be published on "April 1st".  He as well has made journeys through sailing and ballooning records. Branson also claims he will take one of the Black Eyed Pea's members in a "special" capsule down in to the lava for a time change.

This article hit me as being kind of cool at first because no one has ever tried this experiment. But as the article went on, I as well thought it sounded like hoax.

Why did this article make me think it was a hoax? Well a few reasons, they mention that it wont be published on until April 1st, which we all know as the famous joke day of all year. And then the time capsule part. We all know that this is not something that can really happen, even though we probably wish we could go back in "time". These main reasons is why I think this article is not true.

Maybe one of you might think this is true but I will leave that up to Richard Branson to change our minds. I love the quote he left at the very end, "As you can see from the photos, I went back to 1972. How far backwards would you like to time travel? Where would you like to go?" So as a conclusion, I would like you to think about this and comment and let me know what your thoughts are to this! Mine would be back in high school, and make better grades! I think? That is a hard decision. Good luck on yours!


My blog came from YAHOO!, which is a very interesting topic tonight! MEGA MILLIONS!! This article explains why you do not want to win the mega bucks. The five main reasons they explain are 1. Your friends will take advantage of you. 2. Your relationship could fail 3. You'll have increased risk of bankruptcy 4.You'll have to fight off a host of long listed families, and last but not least 5. You'll be the target of lawsuits.

The first reaction I had on this article was very sudden. Why would you read this? Its just a "debbie downer", but realistically, all of them are true. So they did change my aspect of things but I did not want to believe them.

So you are probably wondering did you buy a ticket? Well of course I did, with the millions of other people. My reaction follows because I bought a ticket and my hopes were up to win, because of this I felt like this was a negative article for someone reading it and thinking they were gonna win the BIG bucks. But if I had not won, I probably would have been very pro towards this because actually it all makes since. Every single topic. My favorite one would be the family one. Just because you would probably hear from "family" all over the country wanting to "reconnect with you. Although, all of the topics did have a great point.

My conclusion to this is did I really need to spend fifteen dollars today at the convenient store? Nope, will I do it again? Probably. I heard someone say on facebook today that you are 6.81 more times likely to be attacked by a Honey Badger in the US than winning the jackpot. Keep in mind there are only 10 honey badgers in the US. I do not know how true this is but I thought it would be a great ending to my oh so not winning ticket.

Friday, March 9, 2012


So when I say gun silencer, what do you think of? Do you think of that metal thing that goes around the end of a hand held gun when shooting it to make sure it does not make noise? Well me too, thats what I thought. But this is amazing that I found on Yahoo News! Japanese researches came out with this gun, that is used for sound. Cool huh? YES! If you go to the website I provided it will show you a picture, but it is used to trick the brain into not making the noises. These are trying to be enforced at libraries or classrooms. To keep more noise out and quiet in!
My first reaction to this was wow! How neat! and how disturbing at the same time!
Why do I think this? Simple, we are now at that point that we are using "guns" to silence out our children in a room of so many kids but at another thinks of me, really is this right? So sad that the society can not teach how to be quiet but to press a button instead. :(
I hope we use this "gun" in the right kind of environment. Not every time that it sounds good or you think it can be easier to push that "easy" button. What will they come up with next?
On Yahoo News! a very interesting article popped up about a irate flight attendant. The rant suppossably started out with both of the flight attendants bickering and then the flight attendant got on the over head system and started making very horrific statments, like the "plane was gonna crash", screaming bloody murder of all sorts. She was taken off the plane by local security of the Chicago Airport. The lady was known to have some mental issues as well.
My first thought was being upset and mad. This is a horrific place and time for you to be acting like this, but to be on intercom threatening peoples lives is just wrong.
I just felt like the 911 attack should of put a red flag to this lady, but no she insisted of acting like a moron and scare the heebie jeebies out of the passengers. It's so sad that the passengers had to deal with this. I would be so scared, because now days you can never trust anyone on a plane or anywhere at that matter, worried about someone making the wrong move.

Mysterious Flash in Phoenix

The mysterious flash video at Yahoo News! was taken at 4:43am. And no one has any reason why. The flash went off that early morning but no ethical reason was chosen. They called airforce base was contacted and had not contacted the news back yet for any statements. The news as well called the electric people of the city and they said no reports were made of missing electricity or flashing lights.
My first thought! UFO!!!! These strange lights like this always makes you think. Even if it was the airforce base, what were they making that flashing light for? Hidden secrets for "the other side". Or testing out new equipment!
I thought it was really cool. I love seeing all new kinds of information about aliens and so forth. That is very interesting to know if someone is living on the "other side". But scary as well because if it was an aliens space shuttle or whatever I hope they are not taking over! Super freaky!!!
I hope you enjoyed this news story. Its always nice to have something a little different to think about. And as well for the city of Phoenix, I hope you find out what it is, and is able to share the information with us! MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!!!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


This article I found in Yahoo! was very eye opening. In Washington DC a charter teacher at Trinidad Center City School was fired for sending assignments home that were racist and crude to eight year old children. The teacher thought it was a fun way for the kids get into math. His direct quote was "I am tired of hearing children say that they don't like math because its boring, this was going to get them to do math." Some of the assignments were "I took a nap in a bog one day and woke up screaming. 3796 leeches, 2910 fleas and 1044 vampire bats were stuck to my bald head drinking my blood in ecstasy. How many bloodthirsty bloodsuckers were dining on my head?" These problems were actually sent home to parents for their kids to homework.
My first reaction to this was OH MY GOSH. I would directly be up to the school the first one of these I saw. This is ridiculous any child at any age should not be aware of work this way.
The way I felt like this is simple. You send your children to learn in a health living way. Not to learn any racist form kinds of things, or even death at that. At eight years old? This should not be anything they should be thinking about. Yes I am glad he got fired. He deserved every bit of what he got and I hope any other teacher that is acting this way see's from his actions what happens. Children should learn in a positive environment, they already are in a bullying environment.
My conclusion to this is that I hope that teacher feels horrible after what he did giving those eight year old children disgusting homework. I now see why some people home school their children. First, its kids getting bullied or pushed doing into drugs and so forth and now the teachers are showing them bad things? Whats next? Lets fix this problem parents and keep these kids and a environment they should be in!


Do you drink a lot of diet soda? Well in this article I found at Yahoo news, is suggesting you shouldn't drink so much any more. Is it addicting? Sources say yes because of the caffeine it. But whats worse that it could as well cause heart attack, stroke, preterm labor, kidney trouble and weight gain if excessively drank.
My thought to this is very hard to see because of my addiction of pop myself.
Why I think this is very simple, I am a horrible pop drinker. It is super hard for me to drink anything else because I love the caffeine. I am such a busy mom that it makes me feel like I keep going with drinking it. I wish it was easier said than done. I always try to do diets and keep going back to my pop. I think that's why people are so addicted to it as well. The caffeine does give you a lot of ump to people. But I wonder if it really works as good as they say!?
My conclusion is that I don't think this story will do any good to anyone until they know someone or something happens to themselves from the diet soda or pop to have any of these issues, which is very sad but true. I hope some people get some insight to this article just because its horrible addiction and I dont want to see anyone hurt or dead because of just pop!


This article comes close to home that I found at Yahoo. This week the weather has been crazy, and its only February, I don't know if you guys remember, but last February we had 20 inches of snow. Not thunderstorms and tornadoes! CRAZY! In Pekin Indiana, was a massive tornado, which in one town devistated the whole town NOTHING left. We know how that feels right? But a two year old toddler was found in a lonesome field after the tornado (about 10miles from where she lived) and was rushed to Kentucky hospital and was found in critical condition, if that is not bad news this is, as well they suspecting that all of her family did not make it in the tornado.
My response to this was absolutely heartbreaking. I could never imagine a sweet innocent child being so lonesome and no where to go.
The reason I feel this way because recently having a town that you live in be hit by a F-5 tornado and more than half the town destroyed. And as well having young children, just hits right at home. I could never think if one of my kids was left alone in a field with not me or my husband there to help soothe him or make sure he was ok. Especially in a hospital, town and etc.
My conclusion is that I hope all of the tornadoes in the Midwest make a well recovery. I as well hope the baby finds some kind of family and pulls through with her condition. Just a heartbreaking situation.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A real diet drug possibly coming soon!

So would you take a drug that was held off a year ago because of its side effects? But now is a possible FDA approved go! Well, this article I found in Yahoo news, tells all. The new drug Qnexa, weight loss pill with a appetite suppressant and a anti-convulsant with the well known drug phentermine. This drug also has a history of clearing up blood pressure issues. But has the defects of causing birth effects. But the catch is in order to get this drug you have to be calculated to a 30 or higher BMI to receive it.
My overall feeling with this could be hand in hand, just because I understand weight issue is a big demand and is a epidemic right now with obesity. But then the health risk as well become a problem when taking it. But if you die because you were out of shape and or die because taking the medicine, I would rather die trying, wouldn't you?
We can fix obesity, by either exercising or trying a new pill, but something has to change somewhere in the US lifestyles. This pill could be a positive change or it couldn't. But having more that 4500 people try it and lose almost 10percent of their body fat is amazing.

Man has to apologize to exwife on facebook or go to jail!

In the article/video I have watched on Yahoo, brings up a good call! With social media becoming one of our biggest entertainment and life online, this man was court ordered to write an apology to his ex wife for thirty days or go to jail in Cincinnati. The man chose to do the apology but was just wanting to be able to see his son and be able to speak for himself and to have others feel his opinion or ignore it.
My opinion of the incident is very hard. I have mixed feelings of both ends. Me I am a social media freak, I am on FB more than I can count on my fingers a day. It is fun to put my feelings and look at everyone's FB as well. But then there is a stopping point, especially talking about your sons mother should be unacceptable.
The reason I react this way is because I have three boys and if I found out from someone that my husband was talking horrible about me while we were divorce, I would be horrified, just for the fact that he is my son's father and he should be showing them the respect towards me that he would want from them. When they see their father act like this, they follow into footsteps and do the same. But I do understand the fact that freedom of speech is a big issue as well on social media sites, but sometimes some things should be offensive.
My conclusion to the end of this is very simple. The man had a easy fix, while being able to fix the problem with the apology for thirty days or go to jail. And he chose the right thing to do, especially showing his boy that is ok to apologize. So he got what he wrote!

9 Year old girl dies from running for 3 miles...

The paragraph that I read from Yahoo!, was a very sad story. Its about a girl that was forced to run for three hours straight with no rest, after being punished from her grandma and step-mother, for eating candy bar and lying about it. The result ended up the young girl had a seizure and was rushed to a childrens hospital where she later died. The two step-mother and grandmother are being held at a Detention Center in Alabama with a $500,000 cash bond.
My first emotional response to this is still the same but disgusted. This is horrendous! Who does this to a young child for stealing candy? Really candy? I hope both of the adults are punished to murder. I don't care if it was a accident or not. Every angle of this is wrong, I understand punishment should have happened if the young girl died. But not to this extent.
The reason I acted this way is because, a nine year old child is super young and fragile. To press so much exertion and stress onto a childs little heart is just very sad. I have a eight year old son, I could never imagine making him run for three hours, let alone 10minutes for a simple situation. Go to his room for three hours sounds more like it. But running?  Cruel and shameful!
This story caught my eye just for the pure fact of sadness. I hope these two women are punished with some kind of murder charge. Sometimes I think some people have no heart or life. And that is very sad. I hope some people open there eyes and see what is going on with young children and how sickening and selfish they are. They are just babies at this age keep em young while they are!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Bus drivers kill?

According to the article I read on Yahoo news! Bus drivers do try to kill. How scary? In England, the two were in a heated argument at a stop light and the bicyclist was in the way of a bus driver and the bus driver swerves into the way of the bicyclist and purposely hits him with the bus. The bicyclist father of two is fine, had a fractured leg but will be OK. The bus driver was sentenced to jail time for 17mths.
My honest opinion, is road rage always gets the best of you. I think its wrong on the bus drivers fault. But I do not know what was said between the two at the stop light.
I would say that its not fair that the bus driver was only sentenced to jail less than 2 years, he had a bus full of people besides also trying to hurt the bicyclist which is even more scary. These anger held people get away with things so simply they tend to HURT everyone around them the second time because it was not that great of risk the first.
In conclusion, the bus driver and bicyclist should have waited till after they were driving to take their stupid fight else where even though I don't think any kind of physical contact is a good ending. But when you are out riding your bike, maybe you should wear your helmet!


This news journal at Yahoo News! was very interesting. It included a56year old male student attending Oakland University. The student had a assignment with what he said had no restrictions to the essay, but the student wrote about his "hot teacher"! He proclaims he was writing off a hit song that was performed in 1984 called "Hot for Teacher". Supposedly, this was not the first incident, there had been several incidents where he had been writing about sexual things in his journals. Mr. Corlett (student) feels like his first amendment was violated, freedom of speech. The university would not comment on Mr. Corlett's case because it would be talking about a students file which is illegal.
My feelings towards this issue are both in the wrong and right. I keep going back and forth. On many different aspects of the story. I tend to see me leaning toward both sides. This situation is a very hard one to say "yes" this is the right one or "no" its not.
 My personal opinion is I do understand Mr. Corlett's personal testimony of freedom of speech, but where I go wrong is talking about a teacher sexually is VERY wrong to me, no matter what age. This is giving everyone the wrong ideal all together. But kicking him off campus? Not sure. I would want to see what kind of "sexual" content he wrote to assume if it was agressive or not. But again, about a teacher? Not right. I guess I am saying, he knows he had a freedom of speech, but why he did not act on it the right way is going to keep everyone going.
My conclusion to this paragraph is watch what you write! Always make sure your audience is not going to be offended or hurt. And think with your brain. Everyone is watching and you are what you write.

What are you eating? GROSS!!!

This story is one of a kind, and disgusting! It caught my eye at Yahoo. These amazing ingredients in every day food are breath taking. Take a look at you box of food that you have sitting in front of you, do you see human hair? Nope did not think so! But I am sure you have seen L-cysteine,(this is the scientific word for human hair and duck feathers). Yes, I am serious. Salad dressing, has a ingredient they use to put in PAINT.But the number one, get ready, canned mushrooms, FDA approves 74 mites (maggots) in a 3.5 oz can. Oh gosh, this is just a few. Lets be more cautious and look up some of those weird looking words on the back of your ingredient box, they may surprise you, or maybe make you throw up!
So my overall thoughts on this story was very shocking. Before reading it, I just thought maybe it would be very little things you know like bat poop or something but maggots? Seriously? And as well as the salad dressing, I about lost my dinner. I think this is horrible and discriminating.
You are now wondering why do i feel like this? Well think of it this way, one of the other bad foods, was jelly beans, all of that dye they put in them, causes brain-cell toxicity and proven to start ADHD symptoms. I have children, now I am freaking out. Its like I am causing them the pain by making them eat this. I am going to be completely honest, I would never have thought anyone, scientist or anyone would let us eat this stuff??
My conclusion is going to be short and sweet. DO NOT EAT anything unless reading the label, for your benefits or family if that! I am very vulnerable to things and I don't read between the lines, but guess what the girl is going to be doing? Yep, READING A LOT more!!! I mean if we are feeding ourselves human hair and maggots, whats next? Being crash dummies for cars? Come on....

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Is a cupcake worth $50,000?

Is a cupcake worth $50,000 dollars? This article I found on yahoo news is a little different from the rest of my articles. This one is a special one because valentines day is around the corner.
How would you like to be proposed to or get the special valentines day with an amazing cupcake that we all love but what else would be better? Yes a girls best friend. Instead of cherry topped, diamond topped! A chef goes well beyond his duty. But it does not stop there either! Pizza Hut caters say they will add a diamond for 10,000.
This is a awesome idea! A girls two favorite things, sweets and diamonds. A man can never go wrong with a proposal like that! I am shock as well that other restaurant chains are going as well to the extra mile. As pizza hut or private restaurants. Do I think its to much or over board? No way. If someone is will to pay this much to make a woman happy and has the money to do this, do it. Special treats always go the longest way. Trust me.

I can vow on how special a proposal is. My husband put my wedding ring on my 1mths old pacifier holder and said "Oh man, Britin stinks, take him!" and then got down on one knee. My enhancement was my son, which made it perfect.  I as well can see it becoming a problem as well, a man proposed to a lady by putting her wedding ring in here frosty and she eats it!! A few xrays and sono's later they find it. And I know that sounds horrific, but is it something she will forget? Nope. Thats why I love stuff that is always remembered in the heart especially occasions like that.

My conclusion, adheres that I love people coming up with the idea of rings in cupcakes, and maybe a pizza too. This little treat is a few bucks but last forever if its true love. This article put a smile on my face and hopes everyone has a Happy Valentines day! And, Valentines day is coming up, so do not forget to get your special someone a gift that she will not forget or want to eat!

Highschool girls team get punished for wearing pink in game!

The article I found on Yahoo! news was very interesting when I started reading over it.
The paragraph is about a girls highschool team in Nebraska, starts a fundraising opportunity and wears pink jerseys to raise money. The opposing team's coach find that this is wrong because they suppose to wear white because they were the home team, which led to them getting the ball first. But the officials take the game very seriously and gave the girls wearing pink jerseys a technical and making them lose.
My feelings toward this news article is OUTRAGEOUS. Really, thought think about it? How inconsiderate for another teams coach to be so upset that he wanted a team that was raising a great cause for the community but nationally as well, pulls the technical card out? Was he really that scared he was going to lose? Or did he not like the attention they were getting? I just don't understand how someone can jump so low. Especially, a representative of a high school.
The athletic director of Burke Highschool, made the comment "I'm glad we could at least be the event site where we could get that done and I am glad we were able to do that."Raising money for charity is just a part of life and I think it was opportunity for us to do that." This is a amazing comment, and he is exactly right. Not every school gets the opportunity to do this. And the opponents should be happy for this, just because they are as well playing for a team fighting for the cause. I would feel tremendous respect for the other team.
In my conclusion, I am very overwhelmed by the acts of other people and the way they in sports activities. We as adults and parents are supposed to show some what of respect and liability opportunities, not point fingers and make judgements. Where does this get our future adults? No where, the same place we are now. If you ever have the chance to make something right like these girls do it! Winner or losers, in my heart they are winners because they fought for a cause that is a never ending battle! GO LADY BURKE!

Dog bites News Anchor!

This story caught my eye right off. The news article I found on yahoo news, , was very interesting to me because you see a lot of dogs biting, but not a news anchor for that fact! This story is based in Denver, Colorado where a pit bull was found in a pond helplessly trying to survive from drowning and a rescue fire fighter saves him. The owner, dog and fire fighter were invited to a local news show to show off! But instead the strained dog bites the news anchor! In this article you will see the events that took place and who was blamed for this horrific matter.

My emotional reaction to this was OH MY LORD!!! How can they let a deranged dog on TV? Then I kept reading on and seen the physical drainage and stress on him, I felt horrible for the dog for someone even let this happen! Then I kept reading and seen where they are blaming the anchor because she touched the dog and was playing nice to it. I am confused? Why would you blame someone that was trying to  portray its greatness to the community. Then they as well are prosecuting the owner for not having a good hand on the leash? If anything I think the dog was the last to blame but no one else should be blamed as well it was accident and something that could of been prevented if everyone took the right precautions!

The reaction you get from me is simple. I stated earlier that this could have been prevented by simply having common since to me! The dog was in some kind of distress. And was put in front of a TV out of the ordinary and was supposed to act good. Any of you have kids? Well if you do. You know my point exactly! They are gonna go crazy!

Concluding this news brief, I feel that we should treat animals as humans and not think they wont become very scared in news shows. just like a little kid or anyone. If we all put our head together, maybe next time we will think about putting animals on TV and the reason why! This hurt someone severly and could of lead to death! Lets not let it happen again!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Life as we know it!

My life is really blessed. I have three amazing boys, a awesome, loving husband and great friends and family surrounding me. Today, I was sitting at work (MSSU Health Center), thinking how great my life is, and how coming to Joplin gave me a career change that changed my life.
We recently moved here 2 years ago and I was currently a stay at home mom with my own daycare. But moving to Joplin, was giving my husband a career change and me with nothing. I started looking for a job, and was obnoxiously agitated because I did not know what I wanted to do. Like a little kid wandering in the park with out my parents. But one day I met up with some old friends that had moved here just a few earlier. She was quitting her job for a more full time position and offered it to me. This position was at the Health Center. I was very hesitant of taking it because I really never worked in the medical field. But I had no choice had great hours and I thought it might be a great opportunity.
The health center gave me a great deal of passion for helping people. I was working there for about 7mths and decided, I had found my career change. I had wanted to go back to school but did not have the guts to do so. I knew this is what I wanted to do.
Then May 22, 2011, we had a F5 tornado hit the heart of Joplin. My family was very fortunate and was not effected by the tornado. We had friends and my sons daycare that was effected. But with me working at the college we were the disaster center, where everyone would come to us for shelter food and any kind of help. I was working the shelter part where the people were hurt and needed medical attention. It hit me hard when seeing elderly people with no homes and disoriented, a father and two year old son that was hurt severely and he had no idea if his wife was even alive. That is when it hit me hard, that my career choice was being a RN, to help those in needed of help mentally and medically gave me a since of pride, that I could help make a difference in their life.
Overall, I wrote this blog to give you an idea, why I chose my career path and why I am in school. Giving life to someone is the best feeling ever. I hope you are just as passionate as your career choice as mine!

Monday, January 23, 2012


Today I am ranting and raving about the school system. My middle son is in the first grade this year. We attended the Joplin school district last year at the time. Absolutely loved the school he attended and loved his teachers. But the school system itself not so much. I believe someone should look into the attendance situation a more bit detailed.
Last October my son became VERY ill, was diagnosed with pneumonia with possible abscess in his lungs and was asked to stay home for two days from school and was to return to school after seeing his personal physician. (With a note) We then proceeded to do this and went and see his pediatrician, but we were informed it had gotten worse and they were shipping him to the Cox Hospital in Springfield. We were in the hospital for over a week and then was commanded to stay home for another week because of his immunity to catch something was VERY high with being around other children at school. At the end of the second week we went to his doctor got a note and returned to school that following Monday. 
Now, after keeping the school up to date every other day, and providing notes from all of his doctors, one would think that this would be a excused absence, right? Nope! Not at all. Any child that misses five or more days with or without a note is put on a list as "problem" child,(well in my words at least.) I have lived in Kansas all of my life and this was a HUGE shock to me. The parent was always contacted I think atleast of eight days, just by the school and was warned of the issue. But at Joplin? Nope, again we were contacted out of the blue by a SRS representative and was told there needed to be a meeting, as soon as possible about our childs well being of missing school. How does this make me feel as a mother? Horrible. I started crying at work and was very upset and hurt. I provided EVERYTHING possible to the school and was hit in the face with a ball bat. My husband went to the school because he was upset that I was upset, and after going to the school to see if he could get more information out of this, and wanted to know why we weren't contacted by the school before hand to give us some kind of heads up. And there response was protocols. Well Joplin school district your protocol SUCKS. Yes, I said it, sucks.  I understand that the system was brought up to help students that were abusing the system, or parents abusing the system. But what about the people that don't? And provide the right information but still get stabbed? How is this right?
I am sorry if anyone feels as this is hurtful, but I am hurt. All my asking is that we look into this a little more detailed and see what we could change for those students that have done no wrong, and not make them feel so bad about being parents!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My life began on the day I met my husband, my sophomore year of high school in 2000. Gosh, that seems like forever ago! We have been high school sweet hearts ever since. Married for 8 years now and 3 boys later, I am wore the heck out. Not really, but some days I do feel like digging myself a hole in my back yard and hiding in it. But what mother doesn't? I absolutely love my life. My boys have taken me on a amusement ride I have never been on but everyday I cant wait to jump off and get on to the next roller coaster. Digging for worms, I NEVER thought I would touch,( I have two sisters, I am used to barbies and lipstick), playing monster trucks in the mud outside, humorous nose picking and stinky tennis shoes!

I will formally introduce myself  my name is Megan Hanna. I am from Chanute, Kansas but recently has moved to Carl Junction, Mo. My husband Matt and I have three boys; Britin 8, Gage 6 and Durk 4. I work two jobs, one is at the Health Center at MSSU and the other is at Victoria Secret. My ultimate goal is to get my degree as a Nurse.

This blog is to give you a realistic journey of the life of a Hanna! I hope you enjoy it and get some love, tears and smiles out of it!