Friday, May 4, 2012

My Blog Reflection

Blog Reflection

            A semester flies by when you actually enjoy a class. I am currently taking an online English class. The instructor for this class is Mrs. Holly Chism. This class consisted of entries of blogs that we personally got to design and chose a topic for each entry. In this paper I am going to explain the pro’s and con’s of the blog assignments we did in class and my overall thoughts of what I learned from the blogs.

            The first initial assignment we were introduced to was the blog entries. This experience to me at first was a little intimidating, but exciting. I had never had the chance to create a blog, let alone write about a specific event or news articles. I was first scared because I am not a very good writer, but honestly I felt like it was fun to learn about news topics that were interesting to me, and also made it much easier and enjoyable for me to write. My opinion when you write about something you enjoy the writing comes a lot more painless to me.

            In the process of writing a blog I have learned that self discipline is a number one when having an online class, especially when you have a timeline to write the blogs. But also learning that I learned so much more about what was going on with the news, I felt smarter because I was more knowledgeable and confident of what was going on with the world and my surroundings.


Another experience I gained from the blog was how my writing style was done. When you are always told how to write things I feel like you never learn how to write yourself, but how someone else wants you to write and you do not gain from it.

            The blog was a great experience to keep up with, but traditionally wanted to write about myself and my family for my family that lives across the country. But keeping up the blog if I was just writing about the news articles seems like a time consuming part in my life. I am a mother of three boys, full time school and full time job; I don’t see why I would. But if I had started out writing about my family and they enjoyed it, I could see myself still writing, and maybe when I am done with school and have time for myself to do things, blogging might become a hobby for me in the future.

            Overall, I feel like the blogging experience was a great learning experience, but scary at first. But in the end I found out how my writing style was formed into how I like to write. If I would have changed one thing about the blogging assignment it would be too write more about myself and family, so I feel more like I was being productive with information to someone else. I absolutely loved this class and I am glad that I got to take it and discover a unique way to learn but being productive at the same time.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wedding Bells and Kids!

Today, I am writing a personal blog. My husband and I's very good friend is getting married on Saturday, and we are both super happy for them. We are back in Kansas, this is our home town, it is so beautful! Just one thing we are really nervous about, our three boys are to be in the wedding! Yes we are happy they are gonna be in the wedding, but nervous how they will act. Wait, I will take that back, we know our eight and seven year old will do great, but we have a four year old boy, woo, yep thats a different story. I am thinking right now, will he even walk down the isle, will he do something funny as soon as he gets down the isle? Needless to say, kids make the wedding right? Well, I sure hope so with him. Thank the lord he has blue eyes and blonde, curly hair. So my question is has anyone else had an onrey kid in their wedding or a child of theirs? How did they do? Was it as nerve wracking as I am? Let me know your thoughts!!! And yes I will post pictures as well for everyone!! Thanks and have a great weekend!!!

13year old boy points out mistake in museum art!

A New York City Museum, The Met, it is a museum of artistical and museum of history. A 13year old boy, Coady was at the museum and is a avid history buff noticed that a certain map, Byzantine Empire, which Coady had been studying at school. He was reviewing the map and noticed that where Spain and Africa were supposed to be some dates were missing. He went to the frond desk and tried to explain to someone but Coady's response was, "The front desk didn't believe me," he told the paper. "I'm only a kid." However, Coady did recieve a email from the museum, vice president of external affairs saying that his request had been forwarded on to the museums mideval department for further evaluation. A couple months had passed and he got another email saying that he was exactly right. They even invited him personally to tell him that they are working on getting it updated.

What did I learn from this article from Yahoo News? Never, ever underestimate a childs thoughts. They might kick you in the rear later. Mr. Coady was very correct and I am sure it made him feel good about being able to pick out something that was in the Museum that none of us could probably ever notice. I always smile back and think as well, we are teaching our children the right things. So when a 13 year old or however old tells you that something is wrong, listen to the kid, you never know he's probably right!


Have you been to Dollywood? Well its about summer time and what does that mean? Themeparks, rollercoaster and fun! MSN news gives a great article on how to get that adrenaline rush. This new main attraction is in Pigeon Forge Tennessee and is the first ever winged roller coaster. This ride has the seats on the outside of the track where you have nothing underneath your feet or head, swaying you like you are just flying in air. This roller coaster goes at speeds of being on a freeway, 200 feet high and zero-gravity roll. The roller coaster is built to look like the great Tennessee's national bird.

I WANT TO GO! Was exactly my first thought, I am absolutely an adrenaline junky and love trying new exciting things. It would just be blast to feel the air through your hair and having nothing underneath your feet or head just the wind! Yes scary, but fun! My favorite rollercoaster ride is Mamba at Worlds of Fun. I hope one of these days I get the chance to go to Dollyworld! Has anyone been there or what is your favorite ride?

Goodwill into History!

Usually the things you buy at a goodwill are really not famous for anything but for yourself? Ones trash becomes someone elses treasure right? Well this article I found in Yahoo News! comes close to home for all of us. A good will that started in Oklahoma and made its way to New York in the good will internal storage was a piece of clay art that was dated all the way back to somewhere 2,000 years ago. The piece was being bid on for about 4.99 and inside the piece of art was a note that said "Found in a burial mound near Spiro Oklahoma in 1970." The Goodwill is returning it to Oklahoma in the Caddo Indian Nation.

My first thought of this article was how neat that it traveled all the way from Oklahoma to New York and to be found out that it is a piece of old art history. I am sure glad someone found that it was history as well because someone else could of got their hands on it and made some money off of it. But now its going back to Oklahoma where it belongs! Has anyone else found a piece of art or something cool that was history or had a meaning?

Cell phone Privacy Invasion at Best Buy

How many of you take your phones to a cell phone shop or Best Buy to get it fixed? I bet you will second guess this next time you need a fix on your phone. this article I found on Yahoo News explains why. A heterosexual man took his phone to Best Buy to get it fixed and accidentally left up the Facebook app on. And as soon as he recieved his new phone in replacement he brought up the Facebook page and his status read "I am gay, I am coming out". The man gave a complaint to the store and they came back with he was fired, he as well is looking into legal action with his lawyer.
I read this and was so upset for this man, I think something more legal should have happened to the man that was "just" fired.  Like the man brought up in the article this is so not right on many levels,  his words were ,"I feel I have been humiliated. My reputation has been tarnished," he said."Just having to explain it to certain people that I haven't been in contact for a while," he said. "I feel I shouldn't have to do that." So next time when you take your phone to the store I would make sure everything is deleted off there, and that is sad to say our privacy has to be eliminated that way.

2 year old enters the MENSA

In Yahoo News! the article I came across was of a 2 year old that had a IQ of a 154, she is from Canada.  The young boy is the youngest to be adopted into the program  The 2 year old can recite the alphabet forward and backward, count to 1000 and as well recite the planets in order. He is the second 2 year old to be admitted into the Mensa ever. The little boy speaks in 3 languages (English, Spanish and Romanian). At an early age of 4mths he was able to look at cards when someone would show him a few and they would say the letter C he would point at it because he could say what he wanted at the young age.

My first thought of this article was how cool is this, to have a little boy of 2 years old be entered into the Mensa, its amazing to see little ones with such a high knowledge of things, if everyone would be so involved in there kids lives I think we would have alot more children with higher IQ's. So lets all work harder with our children and see if any of them are entered into the Mensa!